The Exhaust System
Main Functions:
  • Emission Control
  • Sound Reduction
  • Correct canalization of exhaust gases towards the outside
  • To optimize the engine efficiency
  • To maintain optimum back pressure
Exhaust Paste: The Facts
  1. It is inadvisable to use any exhaust sealing paste upstream from a catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter. If excess paste breaks loose it can irreparably damage the substrate. Normally warranties will not be entertained if this is found to be the case
  2. Joints designed to flex such as olives, flares etc. should not use any paste, we advise a new fitting kit is used in all instances
  3. Exhaust paste can contaminate oxygen, temperature and NOx sensors
  4. Exhaust paste can block the pores of a DPF; the particles of paste cannot be incinerated during regeneration

Note: Any fitting paste that gets into a catalytic converter will contaminate (poison) the monolith and cause it to heat up so severely to the point where a meltdown may occur.

The Exhaust System: Causes of Failure
  • Rust - Internal & External
  • Vibrations
  • Exhaust rubber supports
  • Engine Mountings
  • Incorrect application
  • High back pressure
  • Low back pressure
  • Impact damage