Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel Particulate Filters

Ever increasing EU legislation means that a larger number of vehicles need to be fitted with diesel particulate filters in the exhaust system.

We manufacture an ever-expanding range of over 190 different part numbers in our aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filter range, covering more than 1,100 applications, manufactured in the UK using both cordierite and silicon carbide substrates.

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The following label is placed on every DPF that leaves our warehouse to reduce the need for unnecessary returns:

Important information relating to DPF functionality, fitting and fault diagnosis

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a service item and will need to be replaced at the end of its life. This will vary by vehicle manufacturer and the how the vehicle is maintained.

If the DPF needs replacing due to blockage, this would usually be the result of an electrical or mechanical fault upstream, which includes:
Turbo wear, engine wear, contaminated air filter, fuel injector & glow plug faults


Blocked DPFs will not be credited under warranty. It is imperative to correct/fix any upstream fault prior to the new DPF being fitted, otherwise it is likely the original fault will reoccur.

When a replacement DPF is fitted, the ECU must be reset and a forced regeneration cycle carried out. The fuel additive should also be topped up to the recommended level. This must be completed by a competent technician using the correct software/equipment for the vehicle. Visit www.eurocats.co.uk/dpftool for further advice and information.

To ensure the DPF functions correctly:
• The correct engine oil must be used, as per the manufacturer’s handbook
• The diesel injectors, glow plugs, EGR valve, fuel pump & filter and air filter must be clean and in good working order
• There must be sufficient DPF additive (when applicable)
Regenerations may not take place if:
• There is less than 20 litres of fuel in the tank
• The engine management light is on
• The vehicle is only used for short journeys
• The DPF is faulty and needs further diagnosis

IMPORTANT: The installer/technician must always identify and rectify the root cause of the DPF failure before fitting a replacement product.

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